Welcome to Rotanak

Welcome to Rotanak – Cambodia’s leading destination for authentic Khmer cuisine.

Our mission at Rotanak is to celebrate, develop and preserve the art of Cambodian (Khmer) cuisine. We work to bring the unique flavours and rich history of Khmer culinary culture to the world through multiple channels, activities and projects.

We believe that Khmer cuisine is an art form that sits proudly with Cambodia’s rich cultural artistic heritage. Through books, teaching, TV and film, social media and our popular “Mahope” Home Dining Experience we hope to show the world the art of traditional Khmer living.

Rotanak is the creation of Rotanak Ros or “Chef Nak”. Chef Nak is the founder and CEO of Rotanak, she is a passionate cook, an advocate of traditional Khmer recipes & ingredients, a food writer, an entrepreneur and a mother.

Chef Nak developed the Mahope experience to share the very best of Cambodian dishes, flavours, and culinary heritage from the intimate setting of her home.

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