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{ផ្សិតចៀន} - Pset Chean

Oyster mushrooms

ផ្សិតចៀន - {Pset Chean}

Preparation time - 5 mins

Cooking time - 5 mins

Pset Chean is a very simple and quick to make, but very tasty. In Cambodia, Oyster Mushroom is quite common in cooking such as in soups, stir-fried, deep-fried with batter, and grill sometimes with different seasoning which most of the time take away the really taste of mushrooms. Pset Chean is a very interesting way to cook mushrooms that allow us to test the unique flavor of mushroom with Kampot pepper, salt and lime sauce on side as an option.
This dish is a perfect joy also for vegetarians and vegans.

Ingredients -
  • Sea salt: 1.5tablespoons
  • Ground black Kampot pepper: 1 tablespoon
  • Lime: 3 pieces

Pick as large as possible of mushrooms, cut hard and bottom part of the mushrooms and wash well. Place washed mushrooms between your palms and gently squeeze the water out from mushrooms as much as possible (this will prevent the mushrooms from producing a lot of liquid while frying and help the mushrooms to get brown quicker).
Flat frying on high heat, pour half tablespoon of cooking oil in and place mushrooms (make sure all mushrooms in frying pan are flat and touch the bottom). Once the cooking side and the edge of mushrooms get brown turn it to another side. Place the cooked mushrooms on paper towel on both side then move them onto serving plat. Repeat this until all mushrooms are cooked.
Blace Kampot pepper and lime sauce: mix sea salt and ground black Kampot Pepper well and cut limes into pieces.
To serve:
Place our golden mushrooms on plates and on a side of the plate place a teaspoon of black Kampot pepper and salt and a piece of lime.

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  • Hi Nak, I think the picture is not ផ្សិតចៀន . It must be ផ្កាល្ពៅចៀន instead.
    I love your cooking and I have just ordered your book to UK. I can not wait for the book to arrive and start cooking :)



    Keomony Khun

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