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{សង្យាល្ពៅ} - Custard Pumpkin

Custard Pumpkin

សង្យាល្ពៅ - {Song Khya Lpov}

This is a really fun and simple recipe for all the family to enjoy making and eating! Only five ingredients you will make a beautiful and tasty dessert that everybody likes. Pumpkin is very important and famous fruit in squash family. In Cambodia, pumpkin is grown all year long and used to in both savory and sweet. Pumpkin and its seed possess excellent health benefits. They are great source of calcium and phosphorus.

Ingredients -
  • Pumpkin: 2 medium size
    Make a 1.5 inch square hole on the top center of the pumpkins and take out all the flesh and seeds. Wash them with water and place them upside down to dry
  • Eggs: 6-8 (depends how large the pumpkins are)
  • Coconut milk: 1 cup (pure)
  • Sugar: 250g
  • Salt: ½ teaspoon

Beat the eggs in a large bowl for a minute or until they become one color then add sugar, salt and coconut milk. Beat everything until sugar and salt are dissolved and the mixture produces bubbles on the surface. Total time for beating by hand is about 15-20 minutes. Making sure that the inside of the pumkin is dry, pour the mixture into the hole filling to 90%. Brush the left over mixture all over the outside of the pumpkins as this will make them look nice and shiny once they are cooked. Bring water up to boil in steaming pot and place the pumpkins in and cook them for 45 minutes. To make sure that the mixture is cooked, use a choptick and stick it right in the middle of the pumpkin to the bottom. If it comes out clean and shiny it means the eggs are cooked. Keep cooking for 5-10 munities otherwise. To serve:
Place pumpkin on flat plate and cut it like birthday cake and serve.

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